Robinia split stakes

Split stakes made of robinia wood, perfect for outdoor use

  • split
  • hand peeled
  • sharpened
  • stable
  • firmly bound
  • uniform package size
  • stackable (only for full parcels)
  • FSC-certified

  • Not suitable for horses!
  • Wildlife fences
  • Paddock fences for farm animals
  • Pasture fences
  • Tree protection
  • Fence construction
  • Privacy screen
  • Bank protection
  • Gardening & landscaping
  • Vine and fruit growing
  • Enclosure

Our Robinia wood split stakes offer an outstanding combination of natural beauty and exceptional durability.
Made from the wood of the Robinia tree, also known as “False Acacia” or “Robinia pseudoacacia”, these stakes are perfect for outdoor use.
Each stake is carefully crafted from high-quality black locust wood, which is known for its natural resistance to rot, pest infestation and moisture. These characteristics make the stakes especially durable and require minimal maintenance, making them a long-term investment for your project.

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