Robinia half round stakes

Robinia half-round stakes

  • half round
  • hand peeled
  • pointed
  • stable
  • firmly bound
  • uniform parcel size
  • stackable (only for full parcels)
  • FSC-certified
  • Not suitable for horses!
  • Wildlife fences
  • Paddock fences for farm animals
  • Pasture fences
  • Tree protection
  • Fence construction
  • Privacy screen
  • Bank protection
  • Gardening & landscaping
  • Vine and fruit growing
  • Enclosure

Our Robinia half-round stakes have a distinctive shape where one side of the stake is half-round while the other side is flat.
The semi-circular side makes it easier to drive the stake into the ground and provides a more stable attachment.
The flat side allows for easy installation of fence rails or other elements to be attached to the stake.
Semi-circular Robinia stakes an excellent choice for building durable and long-lasting fences, garden structures or other outdoor applications where sturdy wooden stakes are needed.

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